It is important to note that we work with many Accredited and experienced investors in the investment segment of our business. We have experienced outstanding performance with our recommended investment opportunities and our investors have always earned above market returns in a low risk environment. Each investment recommendation is thoroughly vetted and extensive due diligence performed prior to release to our investors.

Current Investment Opportunity Performance – 1031 Exchange Investment Program

Our 1031 Exchange Investment Program has had outstanding performance over the last 4 years. This is a very low risk investment with high annual yields.

Since 2014 this program has experienced increased investment interest as the company’s reputation and performance has increased.

Investors have been paid total returns $9,400,000 from 2014 to 2017. Best of all the company offers a 100% cash backed guarantee of the investors principal investment. Total returns for this program are well into the double digits annually.

Current Investment Opportunity Performance – Private Placement Trade Programs

Our Private Trade Program options offer moderate risk and well above market returns. Investment returns are earned from a few different sectors including commodities, currency trading and FX trading models. These funds have billions under management and are highly regulated at a securities level. Due to securities compliance we cannot quote specific returns here. They have been well into the double digits annually for the last 3+ years. The Trade Program representative will provide detailed historical performance information to our investors satisfaction once interest is established.

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