Low Risk High Yield Investments

Since 1997 we have advised on and offered numerous low risk high yield investment opportunities to hundreds of clients.  Our advice always comes with safety of principal first and potential yields as secondary importance.  Our firm focuses on extensive due diligence for any investments recommended to our clients as well as investments they seek assistance with.  We offer an outstanding track record of $0 investor loses since inception.

Searching for the perfect investment? Then we have exciting opportunities waiting for you. Please review the information below.

Current Opportunities

The near “Perfect Investment”

Every astute investor looks for the “Perfect Investment”.  What characteristics would the perfect investment have?

  • No to very low risk of principal
  • Short commitment period
  • Above average market returns to investors
  • Strong historical track record of success
  • Strong guarantees to investors
  • The ability to provide consistent and sustained returns to allow significant compounding
  • Reasonable minimum investment requirement

While the perfect investment is hard to find it is not impossible. The world offers many investment opportunities in real estate, stock, mutual funds, business ownership, precious metals, bitcoin, oil & gas and the list goes on. Most of these sectors do not offer anything close to the “Perfect Investment” and are dramatically affected by market conditions.

This is where we come in.  Since 1997 Foundation Funding has been providing our clients with unrivaled private opportunities from many sectors.  Our latest offering through an independent company has created a niche in the commercial real estate construction business.  Their business is helping individual business owners and real estate investors defer significant amounts of federal capital gains tax  on their commercial real estate ventures. They have helped hundreds of individual tax payers defer tens of millions of dollars in federal capital gains tax obligations using IRS code 1031.

How does this benefit you in your pursuit of the “Perfect Investment”?  Here’s how.  We raise private funds from prospective clients like yourself to assist our tax payer clients meet their 1031 Exchange deadlines and defer their capital gains taxes.  We offer an opportunity that comes as close to perfect as possible.  Our clients receive the following:

  • Each of these opportunities is secured by a very low Loan to Value (always less than 50%) in a high end commercial real estate building that has been recently improved
  • Cash backed corporate guarantee to our clients specific to their principal loan amount
    • Each client receives a 100% cash backed corporate guarantee from the company.  The corporate guarantee is backed by cash deposits maintained by the company for the sole purpose of guaranteeing clients principal loan amount
  • Structured as a short-term bridge loan
  • Contract periods of less than 90 days
  • A three (3) year track record of success with $0 losses to past clients
  • A guaranteed 8% interest earned for the short-term bridge loan per contract (not annualized) which could result in well above market annualized returns
  • A low minimum investment of $300,000 per client
  • Very low influence of market conditions or outside influences on our business model offering long term stability

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